Saturday, 27 April 2013

Dov Rand Reveals Facts About Andropause

Dov Rand is a physician who has devoted his practice to the study and care of the aging process. Dov Rand has two offices that operate in the West Orange and Wayne areas of New Jersey. Dov Rand is affiliated with the Healthy Aging Medical Center. The Healthy Aging Medical Center is dedicated to helping both male and female patients deal with the inevitable changes experienced during the aging process. Dov Rand is pleased that he is able to give his patients thorough and personalized review and attention. Every patient at the Healthy Aging Medical Center is important to Dr. Dov Rand. Dov Rand realizes that each patient is unique. All patients have specific health histories and current concerns that a physician should understand in order to direct the most effective course of action.

Dov Rand notes that men are sometimes left to their own resources when it comes to the aging process. Women have access to many materials that address the issues of menopause, but men have few resources for aiding in their own aging transition. Dov Rand seeks to help men with the changes that are inherent in the aging process. Andropause refers to the slow and gradual reduction in the production of hormones in men as they age. Men tend to experience a steady decline in the production of testosterone as they age. This may present side effects for men including: decrease in libido and potency, fatigue, sweating and hot flashes, nervousness, depression, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, and decrease of memory function. Dov Rand notes that a decrease in testosterone levels may lead to an increased risk for hypertension, obesity, and coronary artery disease.

Dov Rand notes that the Healthy Aging Medical Center is able to evaluate men who feel they are experiencing the effects of andropause. All patients are required to complete an extensive health history. Blood work is analyzed for a variety of factors. Patients are then presented with a plan for improvement that may include: a program for physical exercise, appropriate nutritional and supplementary support, and a unique and specific bio-identical compound hormone replacement therapy explains Dov Rand.

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