Saturday, 29 June 2013

Dov Rand Seven Years in Anti-Aging Medicine

Dov Rand has proudly been a member of the age management field of medicine for seven years now. After receiving his certification and training with Cenegenics at the University Of Nevada School Of Medicine in Las Vegas in 2009, Dov Rand began a successful career transforming patients’ health through innovative programs in anti-aging medicine. The success Dov Rand has experienced is through his hard work and expertise in the latest treatments and health programs for patients looking to prevent disease and treat signs and symptoms of the aging process.

Dov Rand’s goal is to provide quality treatment for his patients so that they can enjoy an easier and pain free life in their later years. The health programs Dov Rand and colleagues have developed and prescribe combine the power of science and medicine with the natural workings of the body. Age management medicine is unique as it values medicine and the power of nutrition and daily exercise for healthy and successful results. Dov Rand has paired medical treatments with nutritionist to create the best programs in anti-aging medicine out there today.

Dov Rand is a member of both the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine, or A4M, and The Age Management Group. Both networks allow Dov Rand to share his successful programs and treatments with other doctors in the field. The connection with other doctors through these communities also gives Dov Rand the opportunity to learn from others the newest programs and practices in the field of age management medicine. Dov Rand has attended many conferences held by these groups to continue his education as the field of anti-aging medicine and treatments continues to evolve. In addition to attending conferences as an observer, Dov Rand has also had the opportunity to speak at seminars on his latest health programs that were recently launched to promote a healthier lifestyle during the aging process.

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