Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Professional Association Marks Dov Rand’s Commitment to Anti-Aging Medicine

Dov Rand has dedicated his career to age management and anti-aging medicine. In the earliest part of his career, Dov Rand was a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. While he is still a specialist, he focuses less on physical rehabilitation and more on helping patients live a happy and fulfilling life as they age. 

Dov Rand has 22 years of medical experience and has spent the past 7 years devoted to age management. He trained in Las Vegas at Cenegenics where he learned about age management. He completed his training in 2009. Now, Dov Rand is deeply committed to working with patients and helping them find a quality of life they had almost given up on. 

Working out of Healthy Aging Medical Centers, Dov Rand works with a number of patients. Men and women come to Dov Rand for hormone treatment, insomnia, weight control, facial wrinkles, and more. Dov Rand helps patients find the treatment they need and take a proactive approach towards degenerative disease.

Dov Rand is a member of the American Academy in Anti-Aging Medicine. The professional organization is composed of more than 26,000 physicians around the globe. One of the benefits afforded to Dov Rand through his membership is the availability of peer-reviewed research related to his field. Dov Rand can connect with other physicians through the organization and brainstorm new programs for his medical facility in New Jersey. Dov Rand attends age management conferences and seminars every year and on occasion has been a speaker. He enjoys watching his field grow.

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