Monday, 24 June 2013

Dov Rand’s Cenegenics Trained

Dov Rand was certified with Cenegenics in 2009 at the University Of Nevada School Of Medicine in Las Vegas. This training has given Dov Rand the skills and qualifications to allow his to work as a licensed doctor in the field of age management medicine. Cenegenics offers many doctors around the country the opportunity to expand their practice or start a new one with this unique specialization in the field of anti-aging medicine. This training offers the leading programs and treatments for fighting, preventing, and destroying diseases and ailments that are associated with the human aging process. Using the latest research and science techniques, the Cenegenics school trains their students to be the most advanced in this field creating a strong network of age management doctors in the United States.

Dov Rand is at the forefront of his career leading this wave of new medicine as anti-aging treatments gain popularity and develop attracting more patients. With many different health programs, patients can find multiple systems to treat their aging symptoms from disease prevention to weight loss regimes that really work. Doctors trained with Cenegenics understand the importance of medicine alongside the importance of daily nutrition and exercise.

Doctors like Dov Rand have created systems and programs for patients looking to ease the human aging process by pairing both the science of medicine with the natural supplements such as vitamins and a healthy diet. With these health programs, Dov Rand has had many patients successfully see results in their aging process with disease prevention and a healthier lifestyle. As the field continues to develop and grow, Cenegenics is the leader in research and new techniques. Doctors will find Cenegenics to be an excellent resource and tool to continue to advance their knowledge of age management and learn more about anti-aging medicine.

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