Friday, 4 October 2013

Dov Rand on Stretching

One of the questions that Dov Rand gets most frequently is about the right types of exercise that a person should do if they are looking to halt the aging process while looking and feeling their best. One of the most frequent pieces of advice that Dov Rand gives his patients is that they should start a new exercise routine by implementing a regular stretching session.
Stretching is one of the best exercises you can do from an age management standpoint, says Dov Rand. Stretching is wonderful because it increases blood flow throughout the muscles and all extremities. Increased circulation has been shown to have a remarkable effect on the age management process. Furthermore, Dov Rand says that increased circulation is one of the best things you can do to protect your cardiovascular health.
There are many other benefits to stretching, says Dov Rand. First and foremost, stretching regularly has been shown to increase flexibility while also mitigating the effects of osteoarthritis. Arthritis, as Dov Rand and all doctors know, is one of the chief complaints that patients looking for an age management regime hope to address.
Dov Rand also notes that stretching is great for reducing stress. Many people feel increased amounts of stress as they work through the aging process. Stretching can help people look and feel their best as they work through a course of age management treatment.
Dov Rand knows that everyone who wants to embark on a journey to manage their aging process can do so if they commit themselves to taking good care of themselves. Stretching is a great place to start.

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