Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Anti-Aging Tips with Dov Rand

Dov Rand is a medical doctor who operates a medical practice in West Orange, New Jersey that specializes in age management and anti-aging science. As a result, Dov Rand is something of an expert in matters of age management and has a bevy of anti-aging tips at his disposal. If you have been looking for ways to manage your age and keep your youth for as long as possible, read on!
First, Dov Rand says that the key to keeping your youth for as long as humanly possible is to stay on top of staying active. As we age, we may not be able to handle as much physical activity as we could during our youth. However, people should still work to do as much physical activity as possible.
People who have fallen out of the habit of regular exercise should start by implementing a regular low impact exercise routine like walking or doing light stretching. Once they have built up strength, they can begin doing harder exercise. Dov Rand notes that regular exercise has a bevy of benefits, including help with weight management and hormone regulation.
The second most important way to manage age, says Dov Rand, is by carefully monitoring one’s diet. You should start by eliminating ultra-processed foods from your diet, says Dov Rand. You should also pay special attention to unnecessary chemicals that may be in your food, especially pesticides and added hormones. All of these unnecessary chemicals are toxic and contribute to you looking and feeling older than you are.

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