Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Anti-Aging Foods with Dov Rand

Dov Rand is an expert in the field of anti-aging medicine. He has spent years developing systems and techniques that can combat the effects and symptoms of aging. Dov Rand is well regarded as a passionate anti-aging advocate. Dov Rand is the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Center. The Healthy Aging Medical Center operates in two locations in New Jersey. Dov Rand believes that individuals can benefit from the anti-aging solutions that he offers at the center. Dov Rand also believes in a holistic approach to anti- aging medicine. He feels that patients must be actively involved in managing their healthcare. Dr. Dov Rand hopes to empower people to take accountability for their health. In addition to the bio-identical hormone replacement therapies and other services offered through the Healthy Aging Medical Center, patients must revisit the role of diet and exercise in their lives. Dov Rand suggests incorporating the following foods known for their anti-aging properties into your diet.

·      Olive oil. Olive oil is high in polyphenals, a powerful antioxidant that may decrease diseases associated with aging.
·      Yogurt. Yogurt can promote gut health due to the presence of good bacteria. Yogurt is a food rich in calcium. Calcium is essential in combating osteoporosis.
·      Fish. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have been shown to limit cholesterol build up around arteries.
·      Chocolate. Consuming dark chocolate or cocoa. This food is found to contain high levels of flavanols. Flavanols promote the healthy function of blood vessels. Youthful and full functioning blood vessels can lead to fewer incidents of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, dementia, and kidney disease.
·      Nuts. Nuts antioxidant properties similar to those found in olive oil
·      Wine. The consumption of alcoholic beverages, specifically red wine, have been linked with a lowering your risk for age related memory loss, diabetes, and heart disease.

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