Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dov Rand Delivers Personalized Service to Patients

Dov Rand is a physician who specializes in the area of medicine known as anti-aging. The field of anti-aging medicine is fascinating to Dov Rand. He has spent the past seven years exploring the research generated by his peers. Dov Rand has travelled extensively in order to attend lectures given by his medical colleagues on the topic of anti-aging medicine. Dov Rand , in turn, has also presented numerous lectures to members of the public on the topic of anti-aging medicine. Dov Rand is a tireless advocate for the advancement of anti-aging medicine. He believes that many of the diseases and symptoms of aging can be avoided through the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Dov Rand takes the science of anti-aging medicine very seriously. He realizes that each patient has a unique history and specific medical concerns that must be thoroughly understood in order to provide the patient with a comprehensive plan of treatment. Dov Rand makes sure that patients who come to the Healthy Aging Medical Center are treated with respect and regarded as special individuals. All new patients to the Healthy Aging Medical Center must complete a comprehensive medical history. Patients are expected to play an active role in maintaining and promoting their health. The initial consultation visit last around one and a half hours. Dov Rand feels that it is very important to analyze and explain in depth all the elements involved in the treatment plan. Patients are encouraged to keep a notebook that tracks their specific treatment plan. This may include lab results, educational materials, and other materials of interest. Dov Rand knows that patients who are active participants in managing their health care are more likely to gain success and see greater results.

Follow up appointments are very important according to Dov Rand. These appointments give the patient the opportunity to express any concerns they may have. Supplements can be adjusted depending on the patient's reaction. Dov Rand and the professionals at the Healthy Aging Medical Center are available to address patient needs and concerns via email or the phone between appointments.

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