Friday, 3 May 2013

Dov Rand Credits Yeshiva University with Success

Dov Rand is a well respected expert in the field of anti aging and age management medicine. He has devoted the past seven years to an intense study of the topic. In December of 2012 he took and passed the written boards for anti aging medicine. Dov Rand is closely associated with the Healthy Aging Medical Center in New Jersey. He has devoted countless hours to working with patients in order to offer them solutions to increase their quality of life. Dov Rand feels that he owes his alma mater Yeshiva University with instilling in him a love for the study of medicine and helping people.

Dov Rand attended the Albert Einstein College of Medicine affiliated with Yeshiva University. Dov Rand was a conscientious student who was extremely devoted to his work. Dov Rand was also well regarded on campus by his peers and professors. Dove Rand continues to exhibit the same characteristics that helped to make him successful as a medical student. He is hard working, engaging, and expresses empathy for his patients freely. The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is located in Bronx, New York. The university is consistently one of the best ranked medical schools known for their research intensive curriculum. The medical school was established in 1955. Dov Rand credits the university with promoting an agenda of diversity. The university emphasized the role of the physician beyond the diagnosis and encouraged students to become compassionate and ethical professionals.

Dov Rand is proud to be an alumnus of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He enjoys staying in touch with fellow alumni who also share his interest in the field of anti aging medicine. Dov Rand believes that the difficult and challenging course of study promoted at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine helped to prepare him well for a successful career as a physician.

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